What is Placement and Internship Programme (PIP)?

To secure high quality human resources has always been the key to success in the business world, especially for high-tech industries in which matching of skills and resources would be crucial for the survival and the well-being of the industries.

PPIP offers a direct communication channel between our engineering students and their potential employers. Centre for Innovation and Technology coordinates the opportunities of 1-year work study, summer internship, graduate employment, part-time job as well as recruitment talk, career seminar etc. in engineering field, which are collectively managed under the student Placement and Internship Programme (PIP).

If you are interested to recruit CUHK engineering students or/and graduates, please login to post job details. If your company does not have a login account, please create one and provide us required information and document.

Jobs Example

Why join PIP?

Bring New Ideas into Your Company

Equipped with knowledge in latest technologies, our students can bring fresh ideas and new perspectives into your workplace.

Develop Your Ideas in the University

Propose your research ideas to PIP and let it be developed by selected final year students under the supervision of Professors who have expert knowledge extensive experience in that particular area.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

By joining PIP, your company can easily stay ahead in the competition for human resources with other corporations. Reach the top notch students including the elite students from local Hong Kong or Mainland China before your competitors do.

Promising Prospects for IT Professionals

Commentary by Prof. K. F. Wong, Associate Dean, External Affairs, the Faculty of Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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